The 20% Shortage of Western Females

All too common

Would you want to live in a country with twenty percent fewer females than males? If you answered no to this question, then why are you actively engaged in creating such a country. I understand that you aren’t killing females or promoting any sort of female abortion policy but you are on an almost daily basis promoting behavior that is leading to a plus/minus 20% decrease in the female population.

In just ten short years most western countries will have basically 9% fewer females available for dating males. There are three times more bi/lesbian females than bi/gay males in most western countries (shown in previous articles). The ratio of females reporting to be bi/lesbian is doubling every ten years. With rates at 15% of females  versus 6% of males now, in ten years time it will be 30% of females versus 12% of males ( The male ratio has shown no evidence of increasing however I will double it as it will probably increase somewhat). This obviously equals 18% more bi/lesbian females than males. By definition at least half of them would be dating females at any one time (it’s actually over half as some of them are lesbian). That equals 15% of the female population in homosexual relationships versus 6% of the male population. Equalling 9% less females in ten years time available for heterosexual dating.

Lets now look at twenty years time. 60% of females reporting to be bi/lesbian versus 24% of males. 30% of females in homosexual relationsips versus 12% of males. Thus equalling 18% fewer females available for heterosexual dating. These are highly conservative figures as I mentioned male bi/gayness has shown no evidence of increasing at all. Therefore having 60% of females being bi/lesbian versus 6% of males being bi/gay is not unrealistic, and how many less females would there be available then???

I would imagine that most heterosexual males would think that such a situation resembles some sort of a nightmare. Then why are they actively doing everything in their power to get females to be bisexual. Why are they trying to get girls to make out, cheering when girls do, trying to get their girlfriends involved in threesomes, watching and supporting actresses who promote such behavior in Hollywood and on MTV, trying their hardest to date bisexual girls etc. This rise of bi/lesbianism will be the final nail in the coffin of the rapidly decreasing value of the modern day male in the social sphere.

Here are some American stats though other western countries stats usually have higher incidents of homosexuality and would probably increase the difference in male and female homosexuality. E.g New Zealand had 16.4% of women identifying as bisexual or lesbian versus 5.6% of men identifying as gay/bisexual, see N. Dickson and colleagues, “Same-sex attraction in a birth cohort: prevalence and persistence in early adulthood”, Social Science and Medicine, volume 56, pp. 1607 – 1615, 2003. I don’t have stats for the UK but when I was there almost every girl I asked had, had sex with another girl. Therefore Europe is probably far worse off then America and the men just aren’t noticing what’s going on!

1993 – National Health and Social Life Survey found 4.1% of women since 18 years of age had any sort of homosexual experience.

1990 – Concept of Sexual Orientation found only 4.25% of females having more than incidental or extensive homosexual experience.

2007 – Cornell University found 14.4 % of women identifying as either bisexual or lesbian versus 5.6% of men as either gay or bisexual.

CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, same sex contact for women in 1992 4.1%, 2002 the number is 11.5%. (That’s almost tripling in ten years)

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Female Bisexuality

Born this Way – HAHA

Why men shouldn’t support female bisexuality

So now that we know for sure that the ratio of bisexual/lesbian women to bisexual/gay men is at least three times in favour of women (see other articles), what are the possible arguments against doing everything in your power to try and prevent female bisexuality, should it be preventable? I know what you’re thinking the current ratio of bisexual/lesbian women is the ratio that would exist in a free society without discrimination towards such people. Firstly there is no such thing as a society that is completely neutral to homosexual behavior, it either promotes it or is against it. The idea of a magical percent of homosexual people existing if it was not a stigmatized behavior is absolutely ridiculous.  

 Our best bet of trying to figure out a so called natural number of homosexual people in a society is to look at other society’s ratio of such people. This however also proves to be highly problematic because homosexual behavior throughout different society’s varies so drastically in number, from close to 100% of people to close to 0% of people. An interesting example of the false idea behind homosexuality existing as a percent of people is a tribe in Papua New Guinea (Etoro). In this particular tribe every single male member is required to have homosexual sex up until his marriage day. Now that would be 100% of male members being homosexual for a period of time. What that clearly points out is every single person has the potential to behave in a homosexual manner essentially meaning that every single person could be homosexual if culture or they individually desired this.  

The way western society is heading, is that almost every single female will at some stage be homosexual. I know that statement may seem outrageous to some, but consider how quickly the ratio of female bisexuality is increasing. I do believe that we are a long way away from every single one, however we are on our way there. Now that we know that it is certainly possible for every single person to be homosexual for a period of time, how on earth can men support female bisexuality??? If the number of women who are bisexual far outnumbers the number of men as it is currently, well then simply put women will have partners at a constant rate and men will struggle to find partners (Parts of Europe are basically like this already). Now if you are a heterosexual man who enjoys dating women, well then you clearly have a problem. Unless you prefer watching porn or playing with yourself the future is very grim indeed, yes occasionally you might be lucky to participate in a threesome. However what would you prefer one threesome versus being able to date multiple women at different times and have many sexual experiences with one at a time? Basically the comparison is one memory versus a lifetime of experiences.  

Even if men had to catch up and become bisexual at the same rate as women, a bisexual society is always going to favour women to the extreme. In most cases men will prefer women and women will prefer women. If you’ve ever been to a nightclub with a bisexual women and tried to pick up women you will know exactly what I’m talking about. No matter how good looking you are and provided the bisexual women is decent looking basically every single women will choose the women over you. Yes, straight ones included, try this experiment out and you will know for sure that the future of men is not very bright unless we stop promoting female bisexuality. I’m not talking about any extreme measures, just stop seeing it as cool, stop watching movies(Black Swann) with it in and stop dating bisexual women. In fact I would go as far to say don’t date women who have ever had a gay experience. Now that may seem ridiculous but imagine if word got round that the classy men didn’t want to touch these type of women (I bet on some level it is already like that). We need some serious measures here and it’s very very simple. Should female bisexuality lose its current cool status in Hollywood, MTV and in the mind of men, it will come crashing down. It’s a very simple solution, are you prepared to change your attitude???

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Female Sexuality, The Western Way

Real Female Sexuality

If for some reason you think I’m over exaggerating about the future issue or perhaps you think that my statistics are inflated or perhaps you think that women will not become bilesbian at such a rate because ultimately women like men, then consider the following:

Hollywood shows are having lesbian scenes at such a rate that it’s becoming common. Too name a few: Black Swan, Vicky Christian Barcelona, Head in the Clouds, Kids Are All Right, House, Jersey Shore (Twice), and even the romantic comedy No Strings Attached not to mention basically every reality TV show and many MTV music videos. And the Bisexual/Lesbian actresses Angelina Jolie, Cher, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, Christina Aguilera, Drew Barrymore, Janet Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and many many more. (You can read up on any one of these celebrities admitting to their homosexuality on the link I provide) Now if for one second you think this wouldn’t influence young girls growing up in our culture, well then you are seriously deluded. Imagine for a second a twelve year old girl vulnerable with all these powerful hormones rushing through her watching one of her heroines like lady Gaga talk about touching herself to pictures of Britney Spears (Last MTV awards Lady Gaga did this). If the current bilesbianism trend has no influence on western society, well then the word influence has no meaning.

Another interesting method of proving the previous stats is to go to any western dating site and perform a search. This is what you do; first choose any age range , then search the number of profiles of men and do the same for women. Firstly you will find that there are more male profiles than females and obviously this needs to be taken into account. Okay then search bisexual males and gay ones then add them together and repeat for females. Take this number and divide it by number of profiles to get the percent of gay/bi women and gay/bi men in that particular age range in that particular city. You will in almost every case find double the gay/bi females to that of gay/bi males, sometimes the number will be triple, if it isn’t you must be looking at a non western country or catholic country which is usually classified as non western. I Used Okcupid as my search, because it’s one of the biggest free dating websites available and it allows you to search by sexual orientation. The reason why I believe these figures to be accurate is because they are similar to the studies I quoted in my last Blog. As an example in Copenhagen there were 6% gay/bi males and 30% gay/bi females in the 18 to 35 age range. Understandably the numbers will decrease slightly with more age groups being used however the concerning age groups are in the 18 to 35 age range anyway because this is the non married sexually active population.

 In the 90’s less than 5% of the female population reported to be bi or lesbian, now as previously mentioned it’s over 15% and still rising (I believe you can at least double this number for females experiencing homosexual sex on an ongoing basis but do not refer to themselves as gay or bi). Women are having sex with each other at a rate never experienced before in western history and you think it’s not going to have an effect on society?

An interesting study would be on the details of women’s homosexual experiences. There are studies that report female homosexual sex and I have quoted numbers indicating such activity but we are still not so sure because of the nature of the topic. One would have to see the exact questions asked before determining the percentages. As I mentioned based on certain information in some of the studies I have read at least plus minus 30% of western women would have had female homosexual sex but probably double have had some sort of experience. I remember a straight girl I was friends with once telling me about her high school lesbian experiences, she said there was only one real lesbian in her class, but we all just hooked up with her. Makes you wonder what really goes on in the toilets, like in an episode of the L word where the one female character is cheating on her fiancé in the girls toilets whilst on a date with him???

The link, interesting to read is how some of them refer to women as better than males sexually (e.g Aguilera) yet are married to males. Maddonna says it best “All of my sexual experiences when I was young were with girls. I mean, we didn’t have all those sleep-over parties for nothing.”  (Which leads to the conclusion of innocent boys talking about which girls they fancy at sleep overs whilst the girls are having sex with each other)

Whether you love it or hate it, we should know the truth about female sexual behaviour

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The New Sexuality

The new sexuality

Odds are very good that it’s happening under your roof. Odds are very good that the closest people in your life have done it or are busy doing it. You watch it on television, your favourite celebrities promote it and you indirectly promote almost certainly. But if you knew what you were indirectly telling your daughters, sisters and wives to do you might not think it’s as cool as you do now.

The studies are fairly new and the figures are rising drastically, a study of ten years ago concerning the subject matter is already too old as these figures are increasing so quickly. The figures I will give have appeared in more than one study and mainly concern western countries. Intuitively you know it’s happening everywhere and you could even do some of your own mini research to find out the truth. Around thirty percent of females have tried it, around 15% of them are doing it on an ongoing basis, about 50 plus percent of them have either done it or want to do it. Versus 13 % of men having tried it, around 5% are doing it on an ongoing basis and about 18 % have either done it or want to do it. It is homosexual sex! (The stats come from a variety of sources, I will put the links at the end of the article)

Is this what we as Males want our sisters, daughters, mothers and wives to be doing? We all know how popular and attractive two girls having sex with each other is for us Men. But we love it, support it and promote at our peril. The number of girls reporting to be bisexual doubles (or even triples according to one study) every ten years. Imagine what western society will be like in twenty too thirty year’s time? With current figures around ten percent (of only bisexual girls not including lesbians: take not it was less than 3% in 1990) we could be looking at plus minus forty percent of girls reporting to be bisexual in twenty years time (Eighty in thirty years time) and how many bisexual girls are actually homosexual? . This would obviously mean the figures of female homosexual sex would rise, at around thirty percent now it would probably more than double in ten years time thus almost guaranteeing that your daughter, sister, wife, mother will be performing these acts. Imagine a figure of between sixty and eighty percent of females having had homosexual sex, makes you wonder if any of them are straight doesn’t it. Does every guy want to marry girls who aren’t straight? The fantasy of the bisexual girlfriend involving her friends is fun and all, but do you want to marry her? Do you want your mother, sister or daughter to be one of those?

This is the society that WE are creating if we don’t stand up and say something. Stop promoting it in every way possible and Stop the rise of this behavior becoming the norm. And keep your daughters door open when friends visit. Let’s talk…


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