The 20% Shortage of Western Females

All too common

Would you want to live in a country with twenty percent fewer females than males? If you answered no to this question, then why are you actively engaged in creating such a country. I understand that you aren’t killing females or promoting any sort of female abortion policy but you are on an almost daily basis promoting behavior that is leading to a plus/minus 20% decrease in the female population.

In just ten short years most western countries will have basically 9% fewer females available for dating males. There are three times more bi/lesbian females than bi/gay males in most western countries (shown in previous articles). The ratio of females reporting to be bi/lesbian is doubling every ten years. With rates at 15% of females  versus 6% of males now, in ten years time it will be 30% of females versus 12% of males ( The male ratio has shown no evidence of increasing however I will double it as it will probably increase somewhat). This obviously equals 18% more bi/lesbian females than males. By definition at least half of them would be dating females at any one time (it’s actually over half as some of them are lesbian). That equals 15% of the female population in homosexual relationships versus 6% of the male population. Equalling 9% less females in ten years time available for heterosexual dating.

Lets now look at twenty years time. 60% of females reporting to be bi/lesbian versus 24% of males. 30% of females in homosexual relationsips versus 12% of males. Thus equalling 18% fewer females available for heterosexual dating. These are highly conservative figures as I mentioned male bi/gayness has shown no evidence of increasing at all. Therefore having 60% of females being bi/lesbian versus 6% of males being bi/gay is not unrealistic, and how many less females would there be available then???

I would imagine that most heterosexual males would think that such a situation resembles some sort of a nightmare. Then why are they actively doing everything in their power to get females to be bisexual. Why are they trying to get girls to make out, cheering when girls do, trying to get their girlfriends involved in threesomes, watching and supporting actresses who promote such behavior in Hollywood and on MTV, trying their hardest to date bisexual girls etc. This rise of bi/lesbianism will be the final nail in the coffin of the rapidly decreasing value of the modern day male in the social sphere.

Here are some American stats though other western countries stats usually have higher incidents of homosexuality and would probably increase the difference in male and female homosexuality. E.g New Zealand had 16.4% of women identifying as bisexual or lesbian versus 5.6% of men identifying as gay/bisexual, see N. Dickson and colleagues, “Same-sex attraction in a birth cohort: prevalence and persistence in early adulthood”, Social Science and Medicine, volume 56, pp. 1607 – 1615, 2003. I don’t have stats for the UK but when I was there almost every girl I asked had, had sex with another girl. Therefore Europe is probably far worse off then America and the men just aren’t noticing what’s going on!

1993 – National Health and Social Life Survey found 4.1% of women since 18 years of age had any sort of homosexual experience.

1990 – Concept of Sexual Orientation found only 4.25% of females having more than incidental or extensive homosexual experience.

2007 – Cornell University found 14.4 % of women identifying as either bisexual or lesbian versus 5.6% of men as either gay or bisexual.

CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, same sex contact for women in 1992 4.1%, 2002 the number is 11.5%. (That’s almost tripling in ten years)


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I'm a very normal guy. I value information and original thought. Let's stop living our life in cliches and attempt to think outside of societal conditioning.
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One Response to The 20% Shortage of Western Females

  1. Somebody says:

    I wish the things you say could happen, so men could get what they deserve, but I think that women do very good job at being sex objects, so they do whatever they are told. When men decide they don’t like lesbianism, maybe the women, who practised it, wouldn’t stop, but the young girls wouldn’t start it at all.

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