Female Bisexuality

Born this Way – HAHA

Why men shouldn’t support female bisexuality

So now that we know for sure that the ratio of bisexual/lesbian women to bisexual/gay men is at least three times in favour of women (see other articles), what are the possible arguments against doing everything in your power to try and prevent female bisexuality, should it be preventable? I know what you’re thinking the current ratio of bisexual/lesbian women is the ratio that would exist in a free society without discrimination towards such people. Firstly there is no such thing as a society that is completely neutral to homosexual behavior, it either promotes it or is against it. The idea of a magical percent of homosexual people existing if it was not a stigmatized behavior is absolutely ridiculous.  

 Our best bet of trying to figure out a so called natural number of homosexual people in a society is to look at other society’s ratio of such people. This however also proves to be highly problematic because homosexual behavior throughout different society’s varies so drastically in number, from close to 100% of people to close to 0% of people. An interesting example of the false idea behind homosexuality existing as a percent of people is a tribe in Papua New Guinea (Etoro). In this particular tribe every single male member is required to have homosexual sex up until his marriage day. Now that would be 100% of male members being homosexual for a period of time. What that clearly points out is every single person has the potential to behave in a homosexual manner essentially meaning that every single person could be homosexual if culture or they individually desired this.  

The way western society is heading, is that almost every single female will at some stage be homosexual. I know that statement may seem outrageous to some, but consider how quickly the ratio of female bisexuality is increasing. I do believe that we are a long way away from every single one, however we are on our way there. Now that we know that it is certainly possible for every single person to be homosexual for a period of time, how on earth can men support female bisexuality??? If the number of women who are bisexual far outnumbers the number of men as it is currently, well then simply put women will have partners at a constant rate and men will struggle to find partners (Parts of Europe are basically like this already). Now if you are a heterosexual man who enjoys dating women, well then you clearly have a problem. Unless you prefer watching porn or playing with yourself the future is very grim indeed, yes occasionally you might be lucky to participate in a threesome. However what would you prefer one threesome versus being able to date multiple women at different times and have many sexual experiences with one at a time? Basically the comparison is one memory versus a lifetime of experiences.  

Even if men had to catch up and become bisexual at the same rate as women, a bisexual society is always going to favour women to the extreme. In most cases men will prefer women and women will prefer women. If you’ve ever been to a nightclub with a bisexual women and tried to pick up women you will know exactly what I’m talking about. No matter how good looking you are and provided the bisexual women is decent looking basically every single women will choose the women over you. Yes, straight ones included, try this experiment out and you will know for sure that the future of men is not very bright unless we stop promoting female bisexuality. I’m not talking about any extreme measures, just stop seeing it as cool, stop watching movies(Black Swann) with it in and stop dating bisexual women. In fact I would go as far to say don’t date women who have ever had a gay experience. Now that may seem ridiculous but imagine if word got round that the classy men didn’t want to touch these type of women (I bet on some level it is already like that). We need some serious measures here and it’s very very simple. Should female bisexuality lose its current cool status in Hollywood, MTV and in the mind of men, it will come crashing down. It’s a very simple solution, are you prepared to change your attitude???


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I'm a very normal guy. I value information and original thought. Let's stop living our life in cliches and attempt to think outside of societal conditioning.
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4 Responses to Female Bisexuality

  1. Somebody says:

    I’m a female and I see the problem now when men have wanted me to degrade myself to be with a woman, even though I don’t like it, but as I said in the other article, I would love to see the future described coming, sadly I don’t believe it.
    Why would bi women and men prefer women? I absolutely disagree.

  2. chaz says:

    Its only the losers that promote that disgusting bisexual girl behavior. I actually get turned off now when i see two girls makn out at the club. I know that behavior is desperate for attention and i completely ignore dumb bitches that act that way. I laugh to myself now when I see girls acting that way…what a joke. I’d take a classy straight girl anyday over some dyke!

  3. loveless says:

    i don’t see the problem

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