Female Sexuality, The Western Way

Real Female Sexuality

If for some reason you think I’m over exaggerating about the future issue or perhaps you think that my statistics are inflated or perhaps you think that women will not become bilesbian at such a rate because ultimately women like men, then consider the following:

Hollywood shows are having lesbian scenes at such a rate that it’s becoming common. Too name a few: Black Swan, Vicky Christian Barcelona, Head in the Clouds, Kids Are All Right, House, Jersey Shore (Twice), and even the romantic comedy No Strings Attached not to mention basically every reality TV show and many MTV music videos. And the Bisexual/Lesbian actresses Angelina Jolie, Cher, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, Christina Aguilera, Drew Barrymore, Janet Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and many many more. (You can read up on any one of these celebrities admitting to their homosexuality on the link I provide) Now if for one second you think this wouldn’t influence young girls growing up in our culture, well then you are seriously deluded. Imagine for a second a twelve year old girl vulnerable with all these powerful hormones rushing through her watching one of her heroines like lady Gaga talk about touching herself to pictures of Britney Spears (Last MTV awards Lady Gaga did this). If the current bilesbianism trend has no influence on western society, well then the word influence has no meaning.

Another interesting method of proving the previous stats is to go to any western dating site and perform a search. This is what you do; first choose any age range , then search the number of profiles of men and do the same for women. Firstly you will find that there are more male profiles than females and obviously this needs to be taken into account. Okay then search bisexual males and gay ones then add them together and repeat for females. Take this number and divide it by number of profiles to get the percent of gay/bi women and gay/bi men in that particular age range in that particular city. You will in almost every case find double the gay/bi females to that of gay/bi males, sometimes the number will be triple, if it isn’t you must be looking at a non western country or catholic country which is usually classified as non western. I Used Okcupid as my search, because it’s one of the biggest free dating websites available and it allows you to search by sexual orientation. The reason why I believe these figures to be accurate is because they are similar to the studies I quoted in my last Blog. As an example in Copenhagen there were 6% gay/bi males and 30% gay/bi females in the 18 to 35 age range. Understandably the numbers will decrease slightly with more age groups being used however the concerning age groups are in the 18 to 35 age range anyway because this is the non married sexually active population.

 In the 90’s less than 5% of the female population reported to be bi or lesbian, now as previously mentioned it’s over 15% and still rising (I believe you can at least double this number for females experiencing homosexual sex on an ongoing basis but do not refer to themselves as gay or bi). Women are having sex with each other at a rate never experienced before in western history and you think it’s not going to have an effect on society?

An interesting study would be on the details of women’s homosexual experiences. There are studies that report female homosexual sex and I have quoted numbers indicating such activity but we are still not so sure because of the nature of the topic. One would have to see the exact questions asked before determining the percentages. As I mentioned based on certain information in some of the studies I have read at least plus minus 30% of western women would have had female homosexual sex but probably double have had some sort of experience. I remember a straight girl I was friends with once telling me about her high school lesbian experiences, she said there was only one real lesbian in her class, but we all just hooked up with her. Makes you wonder what really goes on in the toilets, like in an episode of the L word where the one female character is cheating on her fiancé in the girls toilets whilst on a date with him???

The link, interesting to read is how some of them refer to women as better than males sexually (e.g Aguilera) yet are married to males. Maddonna says it best “All of my sexual experiences when I was young were with girls. I mean, we didn’t have all those sleep-over parties for nothing.”  (Which leads to the conclusion of innocent boys talking about which girls they fancy at sleep overs whilst the girls are having sex with each other)   


Whether you love it or hate it, we should know the truth about female sexual behaviour


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I'm a very normal guy. I value information and original thought. Let's stop living our life in cliches and attempt to think outside of societal conditioning.
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  1. charles says:

    Bi girls and dykes make me want to puke! Ew. So glad I have a straight girlfriend.

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