The New Sexuality

The new sexuality

Odds are very good that it’s happening under your roof. Odds are very good that the closest people in your life have done it or are busy doing it. You watch it on television, your favourite celebrities promote it and you indirectly promote almost certainly. But if you knew what you were indirectly telling your daughters, sisters and wives to do you might not think it’s as cool as you do now.

The studies are fairly new and the figures are rising drastically, a study of ten years ago concerning the subject matter is already too old as these figures are increasing so quickly. The figures I will give have appeared in more than one study and mainly concern western countries. Intuitively you know it’s happening everywhere and you could even do some of your own mini research to find out the truth. Around thirty percent of females have tried it, around 15% of them are doing it on an ongoing basis, about 50 plus percent of them have either done it or want to do it. Versus 13 % of men having tried it, around 5% are doing it on an ongoing basis and about 18 % have either done it or want to do it. It is homosexual sex! (The stats come from a variety of sources, I will put the links at the end of the article)

Is this what we as Males want our sisters, daughters, mothers and wives to be doing? We all know how popular and attractive two girls having sex with each other is for us Men. But we love it, support it and promote at our peril. The number of girls reporting to be bisexual doubles (or even triples according to one study) every ten years. Imagine what western society will be like in twenty too thirty year’s time? With current figures around ten percent (of only bisexual girls not including lesbians: take not it was less than 3% in 1990) we could be looking at plus minus forty percent of girls reporting to be bisexual in twenty years time (Eighty in thirty years time) and how many bisexual girls are actually homosexual? . This would obviously mean the figures of female homosexual sex would rise, at around thirty percent now it would probably more than double in ten years time thus almost guaranteeing that your daughter, sister, wife, mother will be performing these acts. Imagine a figure of between sixty and eighty percent of females having had homosexual sex, makes you wonder if any of them are straight doesn’t it. Does every guy want to marry girls who aren’t straight? The fantasy of the bisexual girlfriend involving her friends is fun and all, but do you want to marry her? Do you want your mother, sister or daughter to be one of those?

This is the society that WE are creating if we don’t stand up and say something. Stop promoting it in every way possible and Stop the rise of this behavior becoming the norm. And keep your daughters door open when friends visit. Let’s talk…


About stopbitrend

I'm a very normal guy. I value information and original thought. Let's stop living our life in cliches and attempt to think outside of societal conditioning.
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3 Responses to The New Sexuality

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is a surprize hopefully it does not get as bad as you say it will…….

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